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Mark Simon of ESPN Stats & Information charts punters. No one makes him. He just does it. If you pass it off, another guy is going to come free. They do a real good job making it so those offensive linemen cannot come off of you to take the looping rusher."The Texans are just too deep into their rush, you can't do it. There is not enough time.

If only the 2011 Arizona Cardinals had won the four games they lost by four or fewer points ... without losing any of the five they won by similar margins ... they would have been 12-4, not 8-8.Call it the power of positive (wishful) thinking.The earlier item on the Cardinals' being "in almost every game" last season invited a look through the team's results.Arizona went 8-8, with every victory by between two and seven points.

He is 37, and the Packers not only have a young receiver in Randall Cobb to get on the field, but also have two other youngsters -- Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel -- who are hoping to join Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson and James Jones on the final roster.But the Packers guaranteed Driver $500,000 as part of a $2.5 million contract he signed in May, and this week general manager Ted Thompson said: "Donald's an unusual athlete. Remarkable in some ways. The age doesn't necessarily tell the whole story."Indeed, telling Driver's story at this point is easy.

Washington Redskins (18). I kept them at 14, where I had them last week. Yeah, they looked bad. Wilson scrambling 13 yards on second-and-14. Wilson converting fourth-and-1 on a keeper. Wilson finding Robinson for a 6-yard gain on fourth-and-4.These were the fourth-quarter plays that let Seattle grind out the victory.

21 AFC South: Feb. 22 But the offseason needs for the Cowboys are myriad. They need guards and a center. Vick may need the remainder of the season to recover from his concussion, and of course it's possible the Eagles could drag his recover out on technicalities, since they're the ones testing his recovery.I completely understand why Vick or people close to him might be suspicious, especially if he feels good and wants to play. But the way the concussion protocol is being administered and monitored by the league right now, I find it hard to believe a team would actually be playing fast and loose with these particular rules. So while I don't doubt Werder's report that Vick has concerns about the way the team is handling things, I'd be surprised to find out those concerns were justified.


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