Explore materials, documents, videos, and speeches created and compiled to share for educational purposes.  To view the contents, click the document and video links.  When using these materials, please reference appropriately.

Common Themes is comprised of responses to common questions or statements made to support the continued use of an "Indian" mascot, nickname, or logo.

The Position Statement is a document that outlines the purpose of the "Indian" Mascot and Logo Task Force and includes ways in which interested people can get involved with the issue.

Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council and Wisconsin Indian Education Association wrote a Brief of Amici Curiae in response to a court case. Educators use it as a teaching tool.

Whose Knowledge is Constructed? Authentic Research and Reporting and Reporting and Elevating the Significance: What’s Wrong with Indian Mascots? are written by Sandy Shedivy to supplement a presentation at the National High School Journalism Convention in Indianapolis, IN in November, 2016.

Taking a Stand is a video created by the Wisconsin Education Communication Board as part of the series Engage: State, Tribal, and Local Government.  The video highlights work done by a class of high school investigating the "Indian" Mascot and Logo issue.

KICK is a professional theatre performace produced by Encompass.  One actor plays multiple roles in exploring various perspectives surrounding the use of an "Indian" mascot by a high school.  The link on this page connects to a video clip created by Encompass.

Letters Sent to Wisconsin Public School Districts from State Superintendents
Superintendent Burmaster - December, 2005
Superintendent Benson - April, 1994

State of the Tribes Address (excerpts) to Wisconsin State Assembly - Presented by Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council President, Ray DePerry; 3-8-2005   

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